Thursday, June 4, 2015

Egyptian Coils!

Do you know how you stumble upon some new technique and fall in love with it head over heels and you wonder why you never tried it earlier?! No? Yes?? That's how I feel today about Egyptian Coils. I feel like writing an ode to them.. Oh! Coils! Egyptian Coils! Where have you been all my life?! (ok! I'm probably going nuts here!)  A late night wire wrapping session resulted in this pair of earrings.. and they were the start..

It was love at first sight. A pair of simple yet sophisticated earrings.. As with anything else I fall in love with,  I had to make another gazillion pairs using this technique. The best part of making an earring is the selection of the beads. I wish I had an endless supply of beads to select from. But, alas! I have a limited stash of beads. So, I really love this process of putting a bead to the wire form to bring it all together. My most favorite pair so far is this..

I love how the brown colored beads go with the copper wires. I made one with a blue onyx too..

Then, I made a variation of these with two Egyptian coils together. I love how that came out too..

Love the sky-blue glass bead on this. Since I was in a downward-spiral already (See, what I did there?!) , I decided to make a few spiral earrings.. Here is my favourite in that.. Love the cheerful yellow bead on it.

Now, for a small announcement.. I've started selling the jewelry I'm making.. I'm currently shipping only within India. Its mostly copper and brass wire jewelry at the moment. If you are interested in buying any of these earrings , click on the images and you will be taken to my FB page for the details. Like my page too, while you are at it, to get the regular updates. :-)

Until the next post,

Thursday, May 7, 2015

What's your style??

Mine is simple and minimalistic. I like clean lines and simple designs. This reflects in my choice of designs I make as accessories. This is a simple design I made for an earring and pendant set. I got the inspiration from Pinterest.

I think I used 20 gauge silver plated copper jewelry wires and some acrylic beads that were in my stash. this piece involved some hammering as well. It was fun to make this without any tutorial to follow. Since I'm still in the nascent stages of learning this craft, I depend on tutorials and videos a lot. One day, I hope to be independent of the tutorials, design my own line of accessories and craft what I see in my mind's eye.

Simple and minimalistic. Totally my kind of bling! So, tell me what is your style? Minimalistic or over-the-top? Nothing wrong in being either.. :-) Whats your most favorite accessory you have in your closet? Share a pic if you can.. I'd love to see your favorites.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Where do I start?? From where I left off? What prompted me to dust the cobwebs here and write this post? A chance discussion about social media during coffee break at work made me mention my long-forgotten blog. I shared the link to this blog to my colleagues (Very few know about my crafty side at my day-job!) which prompted me to visit this sad little blog. I felt sad when I couldn't recollect the last time I visited this page. *sad face*  So, why not revive the blog and breathe some life into it?! Today is as good as any other day.

So, here is what happened during my break from blogging.. The boys are growing like weed. The elder one, Alvin is 7yrs old and will be a Second Grader in June. The younger one, Alan is 2 and a half yrs old and is naughty as ever. Both the boys keep me busy in what little time I have leftover from my day-job. I do try to snatch a few minutes here and there to indulge the creative side of my brain. I'm also trying to lose some weight and regain my health and fitness.

Now, onto to my hobbies... wire-wrapped jewelry has taken my fancy these days. I'm a newbie at it and learning it all by myself. Its been going good so far and I have plans to attend a workshop to learn the art of making wire-wrapped jewelry. Let me share the first ever piece of wire-wrapped jewelry I made.

I loosely followed this tutorial from StudioDax. This pendant involved wire wrapping and hammering. Hammering is FUN!! Egged on by the success of this pendant, I made another pendant along similar lines..

This spiral pendant was based on this tutorial by Zoraida. Both are simple and minimalistic designs and a perfect introduction to the art of making wire-wrapped jewellery. Its an addictive craft and you need a bunch of basic tools like pliers and hammers and you can make your own jewellery. So, if you are on the fence about learning this craft, go ahead and jump in with your two feet. I assure you it will be fun..

So, my dear readers, what have you been upto? Fill me in with the deets. Give me all the goss!! :-)  I hope to be regular here.. so, thank you so  much for sticking with me, even though I wasn't around. Until the next post...

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