Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cleaning the cobwebs!

Cobwebs! This place is full of it! Its been more than a year since I posted anything here. I'm not here to make any excuses or promises since a first-grader, a toddler and a full-time job means I have absolutely no time or energy to spend on my hobbies. I've been itching to get back to blogging as I love this virtual place I had created. I want to get back to blogging just to see if I enjoy it as much as I did before. So, here goes my attempt at reviving this blog. The last post was about the crib mobile I made for the little one who is not so little anymore. I did win the prize in the category I entered it and it felt nice to be recognized for the labour of love. So, a big thanks to all my lovely readers who voted for it. And, if you still have my blog on your blog reader, thank you so much for sticking with me. And, a big thank you to all those who reached out to me during my absence here.

So, I spent most of year 2013 in a post-baby fog. But, I did manage to make a few things for Alan, most notably a quilt for him. I also took a plunge and bought a Rigid Heddle loom in a moment of impulsive retail therapy. I blame it squarely on the postpartum hormones. Once the loom arrived and I warped it, I realized that I really LOVE weaving. Only, I don't have enough hours in a day to spend it with my loom. I'll be sharing the FOs and the projects I made during my break from the blog, in the coming days. If you know me on Facebook or Instagram, you might be seeing repeat entries.

Wondering what this feather is doing here on a craft blog?? I stumbled on this pretty polka-dotted feather last week at my parents' home and it made me smile. I felt light when I picked up this feather.. It reminded me of my childhood pastime of collecting various colorful feathers and hoarding them between pages of old books. It reminded me of the simple days of carefree childhood that I never appreciated then. Most of all, it reminded me to keep things simple and look for pleasure in the simple things in life, which is a challenge when you go though the motions of life everyday. Sorry! I'm getting philosophical here. But in a similar vein, let me share a simple project I tackled out of necessity.

Made out of old jean legs and hair elastic bands, these are life-savers in my home. Door-lock stoppers!! I have a toddler tornado at my home now. He loves to fiddle with locks in the door and my fear is that he'll get locked up in a room when the keys are inside and I'll have to find a carpenter to break the lock to get him out. So, these stoppers come in handy to stop the doors from getting bolted. I got the idea from a pin on Pinterest. Here is the stopper in use.

I don't take credit for this idea. Whoever came up with this is a genius. Don't you agree? So, whats the recent DIY project you tackled out of necessity? I love the sense of accomplishment I get when I've solved a simple problem at home with an easy DIY fix. So, share your latest accomplishments with me. I'd love to hear from you..

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