Friday, December 7, 2012

One baby sweater!

Thank you all for the wishes! Alan will be 2 months old next Friday... I keep wondering how that happened. It feels like I delivered him last week.. Time sure does fly. As I told you earlier, I did some baby knitting while expecting Alan. I came across this cute sweater pattern on Ravelry(Where else?!?) and I knew that I have to make it for the lil one. In the meantime, a dear friend of mine had a baby girl and I jumped at the chance to knit for her. So, I made the sweater for Baby N in a lovely raspberry colored yarn.

It took me just one day to make this. The pattern is called One baby sweater and the pattern description says: "One skein, one size, one needle, one piece, one button, one day to make" The pattern lived up to its name. Seeing how cute this turned out, I had to make one for Alan too. Here is Alan wearing his One sweater.

I never realized how much fun it is to knit baby items. you get all the fun of knitting plus the instant gratification. Not to forget the cuteness factor. I also made a striped cardigan for him, which is a tad bigger for him. Hopefully, he'll fit into it sooner than later. 

Alvin is excited to be around Alan and keep referring to the lil one as 'his baby'. I have given up correcting him that Alan is 'his brother' and not 'his baby'. Here are the two brothers with similar expressions on their faces..

Hows the holiday season coming along for everyone? Hope its a fun  holiday season for y'all.

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