Friday, December 7, 2012

One baby sweater!

Thank you all for the wishes! Alan will be 2 months old next Friday... I keep wondering how that happened. It feels like I delivered him last week.. Time sure does fly. As I told you earlier, I did some baby knitting while expecting Alan. I came across this cute sweater pattern on Ravelry(Where else?!?) and I knew that I have to make it for the lil one. In the meantime, a dear friend of mine had a baby girl and I jumped at the chance to knit for her. So, I made the sweater for Baby N in a lovely raspberry colored yarn.

It took me just one day to make this. The pattern is called One baby sweater and the pattern description says: "One skein, one size, one needle, one piece, one button, one day to make" The pattern lived up to its name. Seeing how cute this turned out, I had to make one for Alan too. Here is Alan wearing his One sweater.

I never realized how much fun it is to knit baby items. you get all the fun of knitting plus the instant gratification. Not to forget the cuteness factor. I also made a striped cardigan for him, which is a tad bigger for him. Hopefully, he'll fit into it sooner than later. 

Alvin is excited to be around Alan and keep referring to the lil one as 'his baby'. I have given up correcting him that Alan is 'his brother' and not 'his baby'. Here are the two brothers with similar expressions on their faces..

Hows the holiday season coming along for everyone? Hope its a fun  holiday season for y'all.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Breaking the silence...

It has been a long break for me from the blog world.. How have you all been? What was planned as a short break turned out to be a long hibernation. It feels a bit alien while I write this post. I'll slowly get back to regular blogging. So, without much ado, let me introduce the reason why I was away from this blog. We have a new member in the family. Alan Immanuel arrived 4 weeks early on Oct 14th,2012.

My elder son Alvin is excited to have such a tiny new brother. Of course, Alvin is impatient for Alan to grow up and become mobile so that they can play together. Alan is slowly becoming a night owl, keeping me and my Hubster up in the nights with his antics. yawwwnnn!!  Here are my boys together..

If you are wondering what happened to my hobbies and crafts, I still dabble in them.. only not as active as I used to be. I knitted a few things for Alan and others when I was pregnant. I will share them with y'all in the coming weeks. Here is something I was making over the past week. Its a very colorful project and hopefully, I'll have the finished object ready soon to share with you guys.

My posts here will be sporadic for a while.. Hopefully, you'll linger long enough to catch my updates. So, tell me what you've been up to while I was away? Spill the gossip, won't you?


Monday, March 26, 2012

A brief hiatus!

I'm taking a brief hiatus from my blog! I know it seems a bit sudden..but, I realized that I won't be doing justice to my blog if I took off without informing you lovely readers. I'll be back in a month or two. I hope to be back sooner than that..refreshed and rejuvenated! Till then, all of you take care and be safe!


Friday, March 16, 2012

This 'n' that and some news!

God! We are into the second half of March already! Days are flying, aren't they?! I've been dabbling with a lot of things lately. This and that.. nothing in particular.. I went on a fabric flower making spree.. I made fridge magnets out of them.. using the tutorial here. Here are the magnets I made..

Then, I went on an earring making spree.. The dainty earrings pattern has been on my radar for quite a while and finally, it came about on a lazy afternoon and I ended up making 6 pairs of earrings. :D

Here is the entire gang of earrings! I used Anchor mercerized knitting cotton and wooden beads to make these. Cute, aren't they?!

The earrings got me interested in jewelry making. I looked at my recently enhanced bead stash and started winging some bracelets.. I worked with what I visualized in my mind and I must say that the end results were exactly how I pictured it to be.. I made two bracelets with metal beads and cotton cord. Here they are..

I'm thrilled with how they came out.. The wooden and metal beads are from Itsy-Bitsy. I visited their new showroom in HSR Layout,Bangalore and came back with a much lighter wallet, I must say. :-)


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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

FO in action!

I'm working on a few things at the moment..but, I don't have any pics of them yet.. So, I'm gonna share a sewing FO in action. Remember way back when I made this reversible dress for my cousin's baby girl. I met Baby Rashmi during our Christmas vacation and I gave the dress to her. Of course, we got Rashmi dressed up in her dress and took pictures of her in it..

The dress fits her nicely and she has room to grow in it. I did make her wear the booties I made..but, you know how babies are with their booties,don't you?! She kicked them off in minutes after I put it on her. Here is Rashmi giving her opinion of the dress..

Isn't she cute?! I'm glad the dress fits her as I eye-balled the measurements and made it. :D Its been a long time since I sat at my sewing machine.. I'm itching to sew a bag or a baby dress now.. Let's see what strikes my fancy..


Friday, March 9, 2012

FOs - nice and not-so-nice!

Ever came across a situation where your best of intentions have gone wrong?! When I started making framed embroidery samplers, I got the frames done by a professional framer( Is that even a word?!). A thought struck  me and I said.. Why not bind the samplers like you'd bind a quilt?! Then, the entire sampler will be made by me! Have you ever felt that something is not turning out as you expected but, you still keep going in the hope that it will be alright in the end, only to discover otherwise. Yes. That's what happened here. sigh Now, I've learnt that I should leave the framing work to the professionals. See the wonky Soft-kitty sampler.

I'm sure if Sheldon or his Mama sees this, they'll think that I'm sick and sing the same song back to me! ;-) I love how the embroidered text came out. Its only the binding that turned wonky and spoilt the whole thing. sigh I was planning to gift this to someone but, alas! I can't gift something that I don't like. That's not fair,right?! I don't have the heart to undo the binding and take out the sampler. I guess I'll have to make another one.

Moving away from sad samplers, here are the frames I made for Alvin's teachers. I got them done in on-the-table style frames so that they can leave it at their desk at work. Two frames for his two teachers.

I love how these came out. I hope his teachers like it as well.

Thank you all for the lovely comments on heirlooms on my previous post. Thank you to everyone who shared lovely stories of the heirlooms in your family. I got some fresh flowers yesterday.. and, my Grandma's ceramic jar was just perfect for them.

I plan to buy fresh flowers now and then and put them in this jar on my kitchen counter. They look so cheerful at the counter,don't they?! All of us are recovering from one or the other seasonal illnesses.. so, this weekend will be all about recharging our energies. What are your plans for this weekend? Anything interesting?


Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Since I don't have any interesting WIP to show you today, I thought I'll talk about some heirloom brass ware that I got from my family. If talk about old tarnished brass ware is not your cup of tea, you might be bored by the rest of the post. ;-) It all started when I was rummaging through a rundown shed at my paternal grandmother's place.. I came across this ceramic jar that was used for pickling lemons and mangoes... used by her. She is no more and I remember her as a soft-spoken lady who was very dexterous with her hands. She used to do a lot of embroidery for home.. pillow covers, table cloth and such. All my aunts and uncles say that I take after her. :-) Here is the jar I stumbled upon..

It is a bit chipped at the rim and shows a lot of wear and tear. There is even a small crack on it. But, I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I was glad to find something that my Grandma used in her days. Seeing my joy over old scrap items that belonged in the family, my aunt gave me a brass vase that belonged to my Grandma. It came to me like this..

I was over joyed! My Hubster thought I have lost it. Who in their right minds will do a happy dance for a tarnished brass vase?! But, I saw the potential in the brass vase. One round of cleaning will bring this beauty back from sleep. Don't believe me?! See for yourself..

I have plans to use this as a vase. Then my dad donated some more brass ware that he had in his collection that he got from my maternal grand mother.. She is no more and I remember my maternal grandmother as a shrewd lady with a vile tongue, very unlike my paternal Grandma. She always insisted us on getting good grades as she didn't go to school beyond the primary level and I remember her making bobbin lace and selling them for her pin money. I regret not learning the craft of making bobbin lace from her. These are the items from my maternal Grandma..

Boring brass ware,eh?! I got these cleaned.. actually, I requested my Dad to get these cleaned at a shop that deals with brass wares. and, now, they are shinier than ever.  See.. See..

I plan to use these items just like my Grandmothers did. I don't believe in hoarding items without using them. My favorite is the small bowl on the right at the pic above. I remember my Grandma using it to store her hair pins and safety pins. I'm using it at the moment to store some embroidery floss. :-)

I'm glad I got these items from my family. I like the continuity that I find in these materialistic items and I hope someone feels enough to take care of these things after my time. Do you have any heirlooms that you inherited from your family? Are you using them or just storing them? Share your stories with me..


 P.S: Its my brother's birthday today.. Happy Birthday,Nevin! :-) and, a dear cousin's first wedding anniversary too. Happy Anniversary,guys! May you have many more years of wedded bliss!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Does this happen to you?

Off late,I've seen this happen to me a lot.. Most of my great ideas happen to me at the most inopportune moment.. I'll be at work when I get struck with an idea or inspiration to create something and there is nothing I can do about it at that moment. Makes me want to scream and run..But, then I'll be labelled as 'that crazy lady at work'. sigh  How do you handle such moments? Jot down your thoughts on a notepad for future reference? But..but.. it won't feel as satisfying when you work on it later as it will, if you try it immediately. Ok! Enough of my rant,you say? I do have some lovely embroidery frames to show you today. so, let me show you that instead of ranting.. :-) Here is the doodle heart sampler framed and finished!

I love how it came out. The other heart sampler..done on tea-dyed fabric also is framed now. I love the aged look of the tea-dyed fabric. See for yourself..

Here is the 'Take a nap' sampler framed.. This is one of the first samplers that I got framed..

and, my most favorite of the lot.. the crayon-tinted 'Growing trees' sampler. I love this technique.. like a reader said.. a grown-up version of coloring. ;-)

All the designs are from Urban Threads.I have a few more samplers to show you but, I'll save it for another day! We don't want an image overload,do we?! ;-) As you can see, I'm enjoying these samplers a lot.. Small projects that give instant gratification.. what is your kind of project? Instant gratification or long-term satisfaction?! (That sounds cheesy!) Share your thoughts..


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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year Day!

Feb 29th! A day that appears by magic every 4 years! To all those who were born on this day, may you have a whale of a time celebrating this special day! For the others,lets have a happy Wednesday! :-) My hobby life is going great.. I learnt a new craft over the weekend! Macrame! For many, this might be their oldest hobby..but, I heard of this only recently. (as if I need any more hobbies!) I saw many pins on macrame in Pinterest. My trusty RavFriends at the South Asian Crafters group on Ravelry are wonderful enablers.. so, a macrame-along was started and all those who were interested joined in.. Here is my first attempt at macrame.

I used the thread and beads I had in hand and referred to this tutorial.This one has been gifted to my colleague/friend's daughter. I was told that the lil one liked the bracelet a lot. :-) Motivated by the outcome, I had to try other pins I had pinned on macrame. It finally felt like the hours of pinning on Pinterest finally paid off. ;-) This pin inspired me to dress up a few drab bangles I had with macrame. Here are the results.

Then I went bead-shopping and came back with a truck-load lots of beads. So, I naturally had to make a few more bracelets. Here are they..

My favorite is the pink and purple one..

I didn't follow any pattern for these bracelets. For the bangles, I made a bunch of square knots with beads at regular intervals. For the bangle make-over, I made double hitches in two colors. Here is the purple one on my wrist.

I'm still working on some embroidery samplers. The soft kitty sampler is done. I'm itching to start something lacy in knitting. I don't remember the last time I knit lace. So, I'll be casting on for a lace shawl soon. Tell me what are you working on..


P.S: Thank you all for the crochet love for my previous post. I wasn't able to reply to your comments as last week was a bit hectic with the lil guy down with a bad throat. He is alright now. :-)

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Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm all a-hooking!

My interest is crochet is like a sine curve. For a long time, I forget that I know this craft and then out of the blue, I get this irresistible urge to hook! ;-) So, after one such hooking phase, I ended up with a bunch of crocheted FOs. I've been wanting to make this Granny Boutique Bag for a long time after seeing so many cute versions on it all over the web and I finally took the plunge. I made two of it.. The first one is made from Anchor knitting cotton and I used the yarn held double.

The second one was done using variegated acrylic yarn in fingering weight. I love how the colors pooled in this version.

The bags are perfect for use as any gadget cozy. Here are the bags with my Hubster's cellphone for scale. Did I tell you that I lost my phone 2 weeks back?! I was more saddened by the loss of my contacts stored in the phone than the loss of the phone itself. Serves me nicely for not backing-up the phone contacts. sigh 

Then, I finished the set of 6 coasters I showed you here. I love how they turned out. I used Summer Spiral Coasters pattern for these coasters and Anchor knitting cotton held double and 4mm hook.

I interchanged the colors for one half of the set. Can you make it out in the pic above? Look closely! you'll spot the difference. ;-) I backed the coasters with coordinating fabric more for saving my face than to add structure. My joins and finishing technique need more practice. ;-) Here is a shot of the back of the coasters.

I'm glad I had coordinating fabric in my stash. I'm happy with my crocheting session. I'm hoping to make many more crochet FOs in the future. But, something new has caught my fancy.. I'll tell you more about it in the coming days. Hope you all have a nice weekend!


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Soft kitty,Warm Kitty...

I love watching comedy sitcoms. My all-time favorite is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I've watched all the episodes so many times and almost know the lines by-heart but, I can still watch a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. marathon. My hubster doesn't get it.. and, I call it our generation gap! ;-) My favorite sitcom that is running at the moment is The Big Bang Theory although I don't watch it regularly or in chronological order. If you are a fan of the BBT, you'll know the song 'Soft Kitty,Warm Kitty.." Its only natural that I use the lines of this ditty for an embroidery project.. so, here is the progress so far..

I plan to do the text in rainbow colors.. I have no plans for this sampler.. I might get it framed.. or make a wall hanging out of it. Here is another cute version of this song that I found online..

Maybe I should make a sampler with Phoebe's song, Smelly cat from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.. no? Do you watch sitcoms? If so, what are your favorites? I've been hearing about Downtown Abbey a lot in the forums I'm part of.. but, I haven't had a chance to watch it.. Is it that good? Share your favorite sitcoms with me..


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Friday, February 17, 2012

Earrings storage and display stand!

This is a FO of a different kind because it doesn't fit into my usual crafts.. Remember ages ago, I told you about my weakness for earrings. This has something to do with it. I love earrings.. earrings that dangle as the post-style earrings don't suit my face. I've been collecting earrings since my college days. So, after years of collecting them, I ended up with a storage problem. I used to store them in tiny ziploc pouches and it became  the shabbily organized part of my dresser table. So, after browsing online for storage ideas for jewelry, I made my own..

Here is how it went.. I found an old showpiece that was gathering dust in a corner in my home. I removed the frame around it. So, I got a frame.

Then I got a piece of  steel mesh and nailed the mesh behind the frame. You can find this mesh in any hardware store.

Tada! The earring storage and display stand is ready. Don't believe me?! See it for yourself..

This works only for hook-style earrings. So, this is only half of my earring collection. I need to find a way to store and  display my hoop and ring-style earrings. I see lotsa empty spaces in this stand. Time to go earring shopping, I guess. ;-) I have some earrings that are about 10yrs old in this collection. The best part of my day when getting ready to work is picking out a pair of earrings to go with my dress.  :-)

Yes. That's an obscene amount of earrings(C'mon! Everyone has a dark side to them, don't they?!) but, I simply can't resist the charm of a pair of lovely earrings. They don't cost so much and they are an easy way to cheer up your face without makeup. At least that's my argument and I stand by it. ;-) So, tell me what do you collect? ceramic figurines? whimsical salt and pepper shakers? earrings and bangles? Share your stories and make me feel better, please..

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