Friday, November 25, 2011

Babies are fun!

Aren't they?! When my son was a wee one, I made very few things for him.. A baby-blanket I started when I was 5 months pregnant was completed when Alvin was 6 months old. ;-) I made a hat for him which he used very rarely. and, after that I never made anything for him. Now that my cousin had a baby girl recently, I decided to sew something for the little one. So, I started with the classic reversible A-line dress. I drafted the pattern myself eyeballing the size for a 3-month old baby. It took me  about an hour to make this dress from drafting to finishing. I referred to this tutorial to sew the dress.

I used press buttons for the snaps. The fabric you see above is a simple cotton print and I used printed flannel for the other side. I am meeting the wee one during Christmas. so, I made the dress in a 3-month baby's size and I am hoping that she has lots of room to grow in this dress. Here is the other side of the dress.

Since I had lots of these fabrics left over, I made matching bib too. So, reversible bibs to go with the reversible dress. :D

and, the other side..

The next plan is to make matching booties. Auntie Josie is having so much fun making cute baby stuff that this girl is going to be one well-dressed babe in the block! ;-) So, what are you having fun creating at the moment?


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Monday, November 21, 2011

Meet Gino!

Our recent trip to Mysore/Ranganathittu resulted in a shopping trip in Channapatna known for colorful wooden toys. So, when I saw this cute lil guy on the store shelf, I couldn't resist bringing him home with me. So, all of you meet Gino, the Giraffe. He is very colorful and looks very goofy.

You'll see more of Gino on my blog in the days to come. He is just the adorable guy to give company to my Mafia dog on my craft table. Ain't he the cutest Giraffe in the block?!

Tell me what is the childish thing you coveted recently? What was the last thing you bought to satisfy the inner child in you? Do you have a Gino or a Mafia dog like me in your home


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP roundup!

Thank you all so much for the stitch marker love. I am glad you like it and hope the tutorial is useful to you.

It's been quite some time since I did a WIP roundup. I haven't been regular with my WIPs these days but, recently revived my Minimalist cardigan that I started ages ago. The weather is getting colder in the evenings and I feel cold when I go out in the evenings. The chill in the air reminded me of my hibernating cardigan. I hope to finish it and use it this winter. Let's see how that goes.. I am done with the two fronts and half-done with the back. I knitted the body in one piece till I separated for the armholes.  Once I finish the back, I'll get started on the sleeves.

and, here is the meager progress on my linen stitch scarf done with my own hand-spun. I haven't been working much on this, I must say. I am almost finishing one skein of the yarn and will be starting on the second skein soon. :-)

and, I started something for a baby that entered our family recently. My cousin gave birth to a baby girl this month and it presented a good opportunity for me to make some baby items. I wanted to crochet a top for the wee one and here is my progress on it so far.

The pattern is the Angel Pinafore by Bev's country cottage. Its a lovely pattern and very easy to crochet too. I'll meet the baby only during Christmas so, I plan to make a few more things for her before I get to meet her. I am thinking a few bibs, and some sewn dresses. what do you say? What do you prefer to make for babies? hats? tops? bibs? I would love to hear your thoughts..

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Easy to make knitting stitch markers - a tutorial!

Every knitter will need need a bunch of knitting stitch markers at some point of time in their knitting career. And, there are a variety of stitch markers.. starting from a piece of yarn or a rubber band to the gorgeous beaded ones. My first attempt at beaded stitch markers went just fine but, I wasn't thrilled with working with jewelry findings. They weren't perfect in my eyes. So, I never gave them another try after that episode. But, these lovely beads in my stash made me want to try my hand at making stitch markers once again.

I thought I'll make a different kind of stitch markers than my previous attempt. I had about 4 mts of tiger tail wire in my jewelry-making stash and lots of crimp beads. So, after about 30 minutes, I had these in my hands!

These are so easy to make that I had to share the how-to with you guys. So, without much ado, lets move onto the tutorial. This is what you'll need to make these easy to make knitting stitch markers.

  1. A length of Tiger tail wire or Jewelry wire or any flexible wire.
  2. Beads
  3. Crimp beads
  4. Flat nose plier
  5. Wire cutter
For Bangaloreans, you can get all these materials in Itsy Bitsy

Step 1:

Cut about 4 inches or 10 cm of the Tiger tail wire. Fold it into half and thread both the ends of the wire onto one crimp bead like this. If you don't want the stitch markers this long, reduce the length of the wire used to your preference.

Step 2:

Now thread both the ends of the wire through the bead like this.

Step 3:

Add another crimp bead to this. Thread both the ends of the wire through the crimp bead. Now, this is what you have..

Step 4:

Now, adjust the position of the beads on the wire so that a little bit of wire is peeking out of the second crimp bead like this.

Flatten the crimp bead near the ends of the wire with a flat nose plier like this.

Step 5:

Flatten the other crimp bead maintaining it close to the stitch marker bead. Like this...

Step 6:

We are almost done. I promise. Get your wire cutter and cut the ends of the wire peeking outside the crimp bead flush against the crimp bead. Like this...

Ta da! your shiny new knitting stitch marker is done.

Now, go make gazillion stitch markers like this and admire them! I hope you like the tutorial and if you do make some stitch markers using this tutorial, do share the pics with me. :-) I'll be glad to see what you make.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Onto the Mysore Zoo now!

From Ranganathittu, we went to Mysore which was just 30kms from there. We've been to Mysore quite a few times now but, never visited the zoo till date. The zoo has a perimeter of 3 kms and we entered it right about lunch time before having lunch. Big mistake! You can't walk around a zoo with a hungry stomach.. Feed your tummy and then enter the zoo! Otherwise, you'll be dealing with a rumbling tummy and impatient kids! We saw this lovely installation at the entrance to the zoo...

The giraffe enclosure was at the entrance and we got to see the giraffes even without entering the zoo. A few giraffes were sitting on the ground so still that I mistook them for giraffe statues. ;-) They were so still and stationary that it took me a while to spot any movement in them and realize that they were real live giraffes. Here is the giraffe statue that I am talking about.

We did get close to them. There were 5 giraffes in total in the enclosure and they indulged us by coming close to the edge of the enclosure and giving us a closer look. I guess they are used to the visiting Homo Sapiens! See the lazy 'statue' Giraffe in the background?

We saw quite a few birds in their enclosures.. parakeets, lorikeets, flamingos, peafowl. I couldn't get good photos of them. But, here is a back shot of a gorgeous peacock that I snapped..

There were many tigers in enclosures. There was a cage with a lovely white tiger and 2 Bengal tiger cubs. The cubs were very playful roughing each other  up and running around the enclosure. It was a lovely thing to watch. Here is another white tiger we saw in a different enclosure.

Too bad, I couldn't get any of them to pose for me! ;-) We saw a few Emus and here is a romantic emu couple coochie-cooing. ;-)

All in all, it was a fun and relaxing day spent with the family and we hope to do it regularly in the coming days. One does need a fun break once in a way, don't we?! When was the last time you went on a fun trip and where to?


Thursday, November 3, 2011

An impromptu picnic to Ranganathittu!

Tuesday was a holiday for all of us on account of Karnataka Rajyotsava and we decided to go on a day-long trip to Ranganathittu - a bird sanctuary 125kms off Bangalore. We went with my SIL's family and it was a FUN day and a much needed break for all of us. The weather was AWESOME and stayed the same till we returned. The sky was a gorgeous blue and was dotted with fluffy clouds.

We only spotted pelicans as this isn't the right season for the migratory birds. Apparently, January - March is the right time to visit this place. But, the highlight of the day was the crocodiles we encountered during our boat ride. Of course, we were all a bit scared at first. But, seeing them docile and minding their own business, we relaxed. Then, it became fun to spot a croc that was camouflaged with the surroundings.

We were told that the crocs don't disturb us unless provoked. Our boat never ventured very close to the crocs. For the first time after getting my camera in June, I appreciated the 21X zoom capability available in it. :D Thank God they invented the zoom! ;-) We saw a total of 6 (I think!) crocodiles. Some were swimming in the lake and some were lounging in the islands on the lake. Like this guy..

I wondered who feeds these crocs or what they feed on! Not a good thought while still on the boat, I must say. I can now proudly put this day on my resume as the most adventurous I've ever been. Never thought I'll venture into a place with free-roaming crocs. Eeek!

This little guy had a lot of fun  as he had his cousin to goof around with.

For those who guessed it was a necklace on my last post, you were all right! On the way to Ranganathittu, we crossed a place called Channapatna known for wooden toys and items. Its a heaven for the inner child in you. So many colorful toys in cheerful colors. That is where I got the necklace. Its made up of colorful wooden beads and its so LONG that I can double it up and wear around my neck. Here it is on me. I'm wearing my High tides scarf too. :-)

From Ranganathittu, we headed onto Mysore to visit the zoo. I'll share photos from the zoo in another post. :-) What is the most adventurous you have been with nature? met a lion in its den? petted a crocodile? swam with the sharks? Share with me your most adventurous encounter in the wild..


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Guess what is this!

Guess what is this?? Leave a comment with your guess.. here is another pic just to tease you. Its very colorful, isn't it?

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