Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm growing up!

...I my crafty life.. I've always had this mortal fear to knit anything that has to fit...which means I still haven't knit an adult sweater. Yes. I don't have a hand-knit sweater or cardigan. Every time I get the motivation to knit a cardigan,I research zillion patterns and decide on the yarn and there ends my efforts to knit a cardigan for myself. So, I finally took the plunge and decided to throw caution to the wind and cast on for Odelia(Ravelry link). Its a stockinette cardigan with almost no seaming. I've knit 6 inches of it and I'm liking it.

That is my earring moonlighting as a stitch-marker. I love the way the stockinette curls and its very therapeutic to knit the mindless stockinette. I look forward to knitting this cardigan at the end of a hectic day. I spoke about an Anchor stitch-kit that I finished after coming to Bangalore in my last post. Here is a picture of it..

I am yet to frame it. I hope to hang it in my house after getting it framed. I started this kit almost 2 years ago and left it to hibernate in some corner in my old house. This recent relocation unearthed this project from its hibernation and I decided to finish it for good. Here is a close-up of it.

Did I tell you that I have a dedicated craft-room in my new home? Its supposed to be a kids' room done in pinks and lilacs. But, I've decided to use it as my craft room and its in a royal mess. I have also decided to make curtains and some home-decor projects for my home. I have so many ideas and plans for this new house but, so little time to accomplish anything. We are on a school-hunt for Alvin. I hope we find a good school for him close to our home soon. All of this is eating into my craft time. Someday soon, I hope my life will fall into a lulling routine and I will get some me-time for my hobbies..


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordle Meme!

We are slowly settling into a routine in the new city. So, nothing much is happening on the craft side. Although I got reacquainted with an Anchor long stitch kit that I unearthed from its hibernation during the pack-and-move! I don't remember when I started it..Maybe more than a year back..I finally finished it last week after coming here.. I felt that I had to create something or I might lose my mind.This was a perfect project and I need to get it framed now. I will share the pics when I get good lighting for that. Did I tell you that the weather is awesome here although its not friendly for a photo-shoot?!

Moving on to another topic, I came across this meme in the blog world and I loved it! Have you heard of this site called wordle! Its a cute application to create word clouds.. Here is what you need to do in this meme.. Go to this site and put your blog URL in the box there and create your own Wordle and post it on your blog and tag the people you want with this Meme. Here is my wordle for you..

And, if you are reading this post, please consider yourself tagged with this meme. If you make a Wordle on your blog, do comeback and share it with me.. I would love to see your Wordles.

Note: Here is a tip to save the Wordle you make: Click the print and save it as a PDF file. I used CutePDF. Open the PDF with Inkscape and save it as a PNG file.
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