Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nifty project bag!

Did you guys notice that I haven't done a single sewing project in a long time?? Yes. Its true that I didn't touch my sewing machine for more that 2 months and that's a long time in my book! So last night, after what felt like ages, I dusted my sewing machine and brought it out of hibernation and I made this:

I used the tutorial from Kate Davies on Needled available here: Two Kate Project bag I used my own measurements and added some modifications of my own. I added inner pockets all around the insides of the bag and boxed the bottom corners of the bag to give it some shape. Here is a peek at the insides:

This bag will be perfect for me to carry a medium to large size project and right now my Aase Shawl is residing in it. I am making it with Knitpicks Shadow in a blue-green color. The idea for making a project bag came to me when I wanted to knit a repetitive pattern and walk at the same time.. I interfaced the lining fabric with a light-weight fusible interfacing. Here is a view from the top..

Its a perfect project bag and it can be made in any size. I am sure I will find good use for it. I am glad to get my sewing mojo back. Its a simple project to ease myself back into sewing.. Here is the bag on my arms!

Hope you guys are doing good..



  1. Wow, motivating me to start learning stitching. Good job.

  2. got here from facebook!

    how come I never saw this-creative-side of yours before! for all ..3 years being neighbors!

    rajee :)

  3. what a pretty bag. Now I am getting in a sewing mood again.

  4. i love that bag!! :) so cool!!! i love the pattern of the fabric also:) what a wonderful job:)

  5. Beautiful bag! And it's such a great size. Must learn to sew...

  6. That is such a beautiful print and color!! I love the shape of the bag! I might give it a try !!


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