Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Instant gratification!

All of a sudden I realized that all the projects I have on needles and hooks are long-running ones and I needed instant gratification! Thankfully, a pattern and the yarn fell into place and that is how this ditty bag came into being! Its the cutest thing I have made till date and it took me only 2-3 hrs to make it! It makes a wonderful gift for lil girls..

The yarn was gifted by Swapna. Its my first time working with cotton yarn and I must say its not great to work with it, though I like the fabric it makes. Cotton yarn is ideal for making bags and sad that we don't have proper access to cotton yarn here in India.

Here are the stats:

Pattern: Dot's little ditty bag!
Yarn: Lily Sugar n Cream Christmas sparkle
Started & Finished on: May 18th,2009

Will definitely make more of these.

Currently, I have a Clapotis, Luna Moth Shawl and a Seraphina shawl in various stages of completion in progress. I don't see myself finishing any of these in the near future and hence the need for the instant gratification!

On another note, the Scarf I made for my SAARC SWAP partner reached her safely and here are a few pics of it:

Here are the stats:

Pattern: Zig-zag lace scarf by Tamara
Yarn: J.Sagar Wash n wear Blended wool in purple color
Started: Dec 17th,2008
Finished: April 4th,2009

The project was hibernating for a few months in between and when this swap came along, it felt right to make it for Rima , my swap partner! She liked the scarf and I am glad she does. This is my first ever lace FO and its a special one to me!

And, the swallow-tail shawl I made traveled with me to Ooty so that I can get a few pics of it on me in nice locale! So, here are a few pics of me modeling it! :-)

The snap was taken in front of the cottage we stayed in Ooty! It was a lovely vacation and Alvin enjoyed the most!

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